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gym bag for man

Gym bag For Men Combo Set Gym Bag, Gym Shaker, & Fitness Gloves

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  • Trending Gym Spider Shaker
  • Trending Netted Gym Gloves
  • Complete Gym kit
  • All Product Made With High-Quality Material
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SKU: Black Body Bag-Blue Spider-Blue Jali

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Gym Bag Combo ( 1 Gym bag, 1 Protein Shaker and 1 pair of gloves)

This gym bag for men  is the perfect match for your daily workout in gym or it can be use as travelling bag also. This gym bag for men never let you forget your essential things which you need while doing exercise like your personal clothes, gainer, water bottle or more.

Moreover, Gym bag for men

A great way to unify the team or get the word out about your business, this versatile, compact duffle can be bodybuilding lifestyle design. Perfect for the daily need of gym and a little extra space for shoes, this lightweight bag is one of a kind bag can accompany you everywhere and anytime. This gym bag is perfect for your active lifestyle in gym.

In Addition, 

The Bag Has A Compartment Deep Enough For You To Store Your Essential Items for extra carrying capacity. Leather Gym gloves – Provides you the better grip while lifting heavy weights.


This leather made gym gloves provides a space for passing the air so it can prevent the sweating. Fitness Gloves protect your palms from injuries and give you a better grip on the gym equipment. The snug fit of these gloves leaves you feeling comfortable and at ease while you are wearing them.

Duffel Bag:
This gym bag for man has the extra compartment for carry your gym shoes also or it can be used for essential items for your next short trips.
This modern Gym Bag for men provides multiple compartments.
The bag contain smooth and adjustable strap so you can hang it on your shoulder without any problem.

Designed for weightlifters who are looking to reduce wrist injuries while lifting weights.
Flexi-strap wrist closure present in gloves prevent the injuries while doing intense exercise.

Sipper Bottle:
The Bottle Classic is dishwasher safe, BPA- and phthalate-free.
Perfect for all types of drinks which is needed for your exercise like pre-workout and post workout or gainer etc.

Let us upgrade your Gyming and Traveling Style! and this classic duffel bag adds a modern level of worldly wisdom to your adventures.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 cm


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