Facial Steamer

Facial Steamer

The gentle Facial steamer mist helps the skin giving young glowing complexion. Warm steam helps to clean face skin & cure acne, pimples. Keeps your skin radiant & feels soft & smooth.

In Addition,

This personal Facial steamer inhaler restores sufficient moisture to the lungs and respiratory.

The patented plastic hood is to fits the face comfortably and directs warm moist air right into the nose and throat.

Also, this gives temporary relief nasal, and chest congestion.

Therefore, Water goes into the unit’s easy-to-fill base where a heater gently boils it.


The adjustable control lets you choose the amount of steam that rises up into the hood.

A short 5- to 15-minute treatment is all that is required to make nasal and throat passages feel clearer.

Furthermore, this small inhaler is compact for easy storage or travel to work or abroad.

Benefits: Maintaining good skin will be easier, inexpensive, and better with this Facial  Steamer from Shoppoint at your disposal.

This vaporizer can be used as a steamer, facial steam inhaler, and for the facial sauna to cleanse your pores.

In Addition, it also can enhance blood circulation, remove harmful toxins, and relax your face.

The vaporizer has three different attachments- vaporizer, sauna, and steamer.

1) Vaporizer (Air Humidifier): Helps in the treatment of common cold and cough

2) Sauna: Helps in beauty treatments such as facials, etc..

3) Steamer: Clears skin and unclogs pores.

4) Easy Installation: This vaporizer can be install easily by adjusting the parts without any assistance.

Product benefits health care: Warm, moist steam relieves from cold & cough. Open clogged nasal & passages to ease congestion. Relief from cold helps clear out mucus.

Helps in throat & chest congestion to breathe more comfortably & naturally.

Beauty Care: Open pores for deep skin cleansing & free it from impurities.

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